Video: Chelsea vs Chesterfield (FA Cup). 1-0 Timo Werner open the scoreline

Chelsea are 1-0 up in the first 6 minutes of delivery from Timo Werner.


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Thomas Tuchel: “It is always a strong line-up if you play for Chelsea. You have to be strong once you get the chance to play. Marcus [Bettinelli] deserves it & is desperate to make his first game & feel the excitement & get the feeling of being on the pitch.”

Thomas Tuchel on where Lewis Hall will play for Chelsea: “‘I am able to [tell you]. But I will not. Lewis [Hall] yeah, very young, and good in training and hopefully he can show it today.”

Thomas Tuchel: “We expect ourselves to win. But we have to put in work and show it out there when the match starts, and we have to show it in every minute.”

Thomas Tuchel on Chesterfield: “They have the match and opportunity of their life, but it is on us to not make it a pleasant experience for them.”

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