“Lukaku has apologized” Thomas Tuchel says in is press conference

Romelu Lukaku who went on to host an interview without the consent of the coach or club and said some unprofessional things in his comments.

The Belgium was then withdrawn from the squad as a punishment for his unprofessional interview with the press but due to meetings with the management of the club and he apologized and was also fined for this.

Tuchel announce Lukaku decision.

Romelu Lukaku will be back with Chelsea squad as confirmed by Thomas Tuchel today.

“Romelu Lukaku apologized and he’s back in the squad. For me was important to understand that it was not intentional from Romelu. This is not as big as people want it to be – it’s not small but we can stay calm and accept his apologies”.

“Chelsea fans reaction? Romelu’s very aware of what happened and what he created. He feels the responsibility to clean he mess us. Maybe we’ll have a bit of smell from it, but he can handle it. He’s no other choice – he’s our player”.

“There are zero doubts to Romelu Lukaku’s commitment to the team. He is very committed. That’s why it so was so surprising. He never created any problem, he’s very emotional guy. I hope the supporters can take this also and support the team as they always do. It’s time to move on”.


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